Pool Landscaping


The best part about remodeling your pool in the backyard is doing the landscaping. Your swimming pool landscape should be all about what you want, adding your own personal touches. In most cases your pool is the focal point of your backyard.


Large potted plants are very appealing around your pool and are easy to move around or remove in the winter season. Pots filled with annual grasses and/or flowers that creep are ideal.

Flower beds around the pool should have free form flowing designs to them. Stay away from the straight edge look and use mulch that has less tendencies to blow.

Most pools encompass a large portion of your backyard so when landscaping think big, as in planting large groups of plants. Ornamental grass is one of the most popular plants around swimming pools.

Pick plants that don’t drop leaves or make a mess in the fall season.


Top off that pool area with soft touch landscape lighting to highlight your landscaping 24 hrs. a day. Don’t let the setting sun put an end to the enjoyment of the backyard pool oasis. With LED fiber optic, see more below, in floor pool lighting it transform your pool and spa into an aquatic dance floor reflecting a starry night sky.

Outside lighting provides functional usage to patios and outdoor kitchens providing a safe environment to entertain poolside well after dark. Whether a private night for two or a party of twelve, landscape lighting poolside makes being outside a lot easier.

Sun Pool Services features lighting products from S. R. Smith. To learn more about their array of products, click here.

Sprinkler Systems

Living landscapes need water to survive and grow. Relying completely on rainfall isn’t usually the best method of supplying water. Depending on the type of landscaping and lawn you have, might dictate a more constant source of water, such as an irrigation system.

A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system conserves water by directing it exactly where and when it’s needed. When installing a sprinkler system, 100% coverage is essential to avoid dry spots. You probably want 1″- 2″ of water per week depending on vegetation. Don’t wait for brown spots to appear in the summer heat, contact us now to have your sprinkler system installed.